The Infiltrator by Robert Mazur

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Movie based on the Book

UK based Good Films Ltd is taking The Infiltrator into production in March of 2015. Brad Furman, the heralded director of The Lincoln Lawyer, starring Matthew McConaughey, will direct. Bryan Cranston, star of the HBO series Breaking Bad, will play the lead as U.S. Customs undercover agent Robert Mazur. The rest of the cast includes several internationally known and award winning actors. Filming will occur in London and Florida. The film is scheduled to be released by early 2016.


Amidst the lavish excess of the 1980s, Robert Musella became a pivotal player for drug lords cleaning their dirty cash. He traded on mob connections to become the confidant to scores of the international underworld, and the bankers who enabled them.

However, Robert Musella was in fact the undercover persona of Special Agent Robert Mazur: a US Customs official who went further than any before him. Laying his life on the line, he infiltrated the globe's largest cartels and discovered just how deep into society their influence extended. Welcomed into an inner-circle of violence and corruption Mazur found himself in the tight embrace of those he had promised to take down.

Based on the true story of a fearless undercover agent, THE INFILTRATOR is a heart-stopping account of one of history's most elaborate stings. The operation reeled in key players in a chain stretching all the way to Pablo Escobar. Their arrests would lead to the collapse the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, and shake the underground economy to its core.

GOOD FILMS - The Infiltrator

BRAD FURMAN - The Director